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Kalifast overcomes automation limits and optimizes indicators produced by the robot.

Easiness of test case conception

Scenarios’ steps are made of functions which represents your application. Functions are organized in a tree allowing you to represent any application.

With Kalifast, scenarios conception is decorrelated of the scripting. You can specify your test cases and execute them manually. Kalifast automatically executes some scripted parts and gives you back the control on every manual steps.

Scripting made easy

Supporting the most used PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) - (Selenium IDE) in the world, Kalifast brings scripting within reach of the majority by deleting the file management, integrating the versioning and adding shortcuts to frequently used commands and variables.

Maintaining scripts, controlling versions

With Kalifast, you can maintain your scripts without the inconvenience of having to deal with many files.

Your scripts are always accessible, and you can modify them at will. Each modification is listed and saved in the history allowing you to revert back to a previous state easily.

Enhanced variabilization with Excel

Because Kalifast is directly interfaced with Excel, you can both import and export your data via Excel files directly into Kalifast.

This functionality is very useful in order to create complete tests, as well as performing data recoveries and data extractions easily.

A Kalifast tab will appear in Excel and will also allow you to access a huge panel of functionalities. This will allow a useful and effective interactivity directly between the both softwares.

Test case execution, Multi-browsers, multi-devices, multi-technologies

Kalifast is a solution designed for you and your projects and is tailored to your needs in the best possible way. In that extend, it allows you to execute scripts on many browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, internet explorer and many more…) even remotely. You can execute your scenarios on several devices at the same time with a same user session (Multi-devices).

Test campaign can be executed with an API and therefore you can use Kalifast as a transition tool facilitating the automation of your development process.

Adaptation depending on the environment

With Kalifast, you can create as many environments as possible, your scripts will adapt to them. You can migrate scripts from your test environment to the development one.

This creates synergies between the teams. You will be able to identify problems earlier and streamline the development process.

Testing earlier

With Kalifast you can test developments a phase ahead. Developers can execute test cases thought by testers on their working environments. When requirements are expressed, it’s possible to create test cases in order to test a function during its development phase.

After designing it, the tester can provide his test automated on Kalifast to the developers in order to execute them directly on the draft throughout its development. Hence, Kalifast is suitable to DevOps and agile methods.

Semi-automatic execution

Kalifast allows semi-automatic test execution on critical functions in your campaigns. This execution mode is adaptable to the level of criticality of the tested functions.

Hence, manual testing of critical functions is possible, making the most of automation even when only one step is almost impossible to automate.

Execution reports

Kalifast generates execution reports in WORD format, including screenshots and many other informations.

This WORD document has been laid out so that you can quickly apply the graphic charter of your entity.

You can easily generate a relevant and detailed bug report on both PDF and WORD format.

Quality of reporting

Reporting is a key part of the testing process as you have to highlight relevant results. We have made a clear and accessible reporting by using visual and colorful graphic presentation. Results are readable and understandable by every project’s actors.

Kalifast reporting brings a huge amount of key information (status, screenshots, devices used, time spent, number of iterations…) organized in an accessible manner on a dedicated pages.

A sophisticated analysis made easy

Using data from PLCs and screenshots allows to make comparisons and to detect impacts that would have been impossible to notify in a manual testing way. Performance results comparison on different devices allows you to ensure the portability of your applications on multiple systems. Such a tool is a revolution for the risk management in your projects.


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